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History of Rabastens, Vic.....

Site of the research works made on the history of Bigorre by Stéphane ABADIE professor of history - geography and author.

Best of Tarbes

That you are curious or fascinated of strange, of mysteries or unexplained phenomena, places mythical, prehistoric or loaded with legends, fans of games of tracks, resident or simple tourists in holidays in Pyrenees, search the destinations presented in Best of Tarbes

The site of the Country of Bigorre's hillsides, in the southwest of France, Castelnau-Magnoac, Pouyastruc, Tournay, Galan, SORTS OUT SURE KISSED, campaign, GUEST HOUSES...

guide of the tourism in Pyrenees

Information for your stay in Pyrenees: rents in stations summer / winter, activities of leisure activities, snow reports. And also a guide of Web sites classified by subject (sport, residence, gastronomy, cities, ski resorts, environment, craft).

Please , visit valleys and mountain of High Pyrenees with magnificent photos.

To prepare your holidays in Pyrenees: the rents, the restaurants and the bars, the discoveries to be made(done), the leisure activities, the demonstrations, the services and businesses, the useful addresses and everything on high Bigorre.

Bigorre (Hautes-Pyrenees) told by Marie-Diorite .

Situated in Pyrenees, in 2867 metres in height, the look-out post is a multi-field research center. Projects, activities and life scientists, photographic exhibition on the history of the look-out post.

  In pyrénées ballads in Gavarnie Office's tour of tourism of Bigorre Présentation de Saint-Pé de's Bigorre Saint-Pé. Village of High Pyrenees, in Country of Heavy. Any information to prepare your...

Site was dedicated to the fauna, please , look at photos with in sound atmosphere the shouts of the buzzard, the crossed beak, the marmot... Please , listen him(it,her) squall of the deer....

  Official site of the city of Tarbes:

Favoring the individual blooming and the mobilization of the energies Prefecture of High Pyrenees, capital of Bigorre... In the doors of the National park of Pyrenees, in 30 mn first ski resorts but also city of plains and rivers...

  Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic Bihl, wines of hillsides

  The department of High Pyrenees it is especially Bigorre and the study of its history reveals us the dominant characteristic of this province.

A guide Web of pyrénées: info general, tourist, residences, cards summers - winters, traditions....


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