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This bastide (In the Middle Age, name was given to cities strengthened in the noon by France.) Guillaume de Rabastens was lawful on February first, 1306 by the seneschal, who gave him his name (of Rabastens in the Tarn) and its coats of arms:de mouth in three turnips of money(silver), here broken by a chevron surmounted by a flower of lily (royal bastide).

Rabastens arms

The charter of customs was given some years later, on the model of that of Marciac. Fairs were fixed in Saint Louis and in Saint Vincent.

 The most successful of Bigorre's bastides received then its regular plan, the plan of the bastide was conceived around a vast place of 260x150m, its big Gothic church which preserves still its gate of the XIV ° century, and its strong castle of bricks, constituted by a donjon and by four tours integrated into the fortifications of the city.

The bastide was placed under the patronage of Saint-Louis(holy Louis), it glorious grandfather of Him Philippe -le-Bel, whose canonization was a recent fact.Saint Louis

The church Holy Louis de Rabastens is the only still directly visible partially medieval building today.

The construction can be dated after 1306 (foundation of the bastide) and before 1327. The entry to the church is made by a wide gate(portal) of Gothic style in limestone.

In 1327 it was in the vast nef of the church Saint Louis that one lives to meet the consuls and the representatives of Tarbes, Bagnères, Heavy, Vic, and several other Bigorre's places, whose inhabitants were pursued in the name of king by two royal .Ceux officers this succeeded in making pay(pour) in the royal treasure the enormous sum 5000 books(pounds) tournaments. One sees there the role which filled(performed) this bastide. 20 years after the foundation Rabastens had acquired enough importance to create in the nearby village of the Castéra the desire to unite with her(it) and to become confused under its consulate.

In 1341, the bishop of Beauvais and Louis de Valentinois came to sign for Rabastens the act by which the lieutenant of king gave in, to Gaston de Foix, Pamiers's consulate.

1570 , two camps are in presence:catholiques against Protestants .La vagueness(wave) of the Protestantism extends more and more from Bearn in the direction of Bigorre, of Astarac, of Marciac... Montgomery, in the name of the queen of Navarre, Ladoüe conquered Bigorre and installed a garrison, in Rabastens's castle, commanded by 2 captains Gardin and.

In July 17, 1570, Blaise de Montluc, lieutenant of king in " Guienne " puts the seat in Rabastens's ramparts with one bombard, mortars, 4 artillery, a big couleuvrine, bastardes two, of the infantry and the cavalry besieged .Les riposted with more modest means but with obstinacy.

On July 23, 1570 wounded Montluc asked for an armistice and made promise the safe life through the captain Moret native of Rabastens. But once introduces into the castle the soldiers of Montluc " crossed(spent) everything in the course of the sword, men(people) and women.. " Rabastenais had been purely and simply betrayed .Ce was not an innovation because Montluc had behaved in the same way in Marsan's mountain some months previously.

Every storekeepers " in 1783, the inhabitants dedicated themselves in 1866 largely to the craft and in services:autour of this centre of very active markets and fairs 5 tanners, 18 shoemakers, 13 carpenters and carpenters, 10 potters, 55 needlewomen etc. revolve in this time meadows of 150 artisans (...) and about fifty storekeepers (horse dealers and traders of grains(beads) notably).

On December 22, 1789 France was shared in departments districts and cantons. Bigorre's former(ancient) county becomes the department of High Pyrenees and Rabastens administrative centre of canton of Tarbes's district.

On January 3, 1808 an order stipulates to proceed to the measurement to form a cadastre; one will measure 839 ha.

On July 23, 1808 " the bell put in the air announced the entry of the sovereigns on our territory. It was about Napoleon and Joséphine de Bauharnais "

On September 3, 1843 " at 8 o'clock in the morning Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet, by returning of cure to Cauterets, went to Rabastens's church ".Victor HUGOJuliette DROUET


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