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Recipe for 8 persons.

1 small frizzy cabbage, 4 carrots, 2 turnips, 1 leek, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 kg of potiron, 4 potatoes, 250 g of tarbais beans, 2 bay leaves, 2 stalks of thym, 1 bone of ham, 4 muffs of duck or goose, 1 soupspoon of bicarbonate of soda, salt, pepper.

Preparation: 30 minutes; cooking: the 1 hour. Peel vegetables, cut them roughly dices and wash them. Plunge beans into a stewpot of cold water with the bicarbonate of soda. Carry(wear) in boiling and cook 10 minutes. Drain. In a pot, arrange vegetables with beans, ham, thym, and laurel. Cover with water, salt, pepper and cook one hour in any small broth. Make warm muffs and throw(cast) the fat. Then incorporate them into the pot, and let cook some minutes before of served

Warm " foie gras " in the fresh figs

Recipe for 6 personnes:1 lobs of "foie gras", 3 fresh(cool) figs, 3 spoons of, Balsamic vinegar 1 1/2 teaspoon of shallot, 10 cl of water, salt, pepper, 1 knob of butter.

Escaloper the lobe in slices 1,5 cms in thickness. Salt and pepper 2 sides.

Make warm a frying pan and as soon as it is very warm, to put escalopes, to turn them immediately. They should be gilded. Drain them on an absorbing paper. This operation should be fast so that the liver is not too cooked and does not lose too much fat. Cut half of the figs in small strips.. Make return the other half in the same frying pan with the shallot. Deglaze the whole with the vinegar. Add the water, let reduce and rise to the butter. Raise the slices of foie gras on plate and pass in the oven one minute.

Arrange the sauce around the liver without coating it.

Serve with a cool Pacherenc de Vic Bilh

Preparation of the Confit of Duck

The fragments of duck are preserved 24 hours in some big salt. After this delay they are rinsed salted peppered and cooked about 3 hours covered with fat of duck. To preserve them, it is necessary to arrange fragments in stoneware pots and to cover with fat. They will be appreciated in the "garbure" but also in the oven. In that case, please , put down fragments on a railing with a dish down to get back the fat. Put warming about 20 minutes in very sweet oven ( 4-5 ).

Roast 2 in 3 minutes under the grill.


Be of use with Madiran to temperature

Duck breast

For this recipe it is necessary to have Breasts of Fat duck

:To Prepare the duck breast. For it cover(mark out in squares) the fat in all its thickness with the blade of a knife to facilitate the cooking of it.

To cook the steaklet of duck in a frying pan, side gets greasy in the first one. Take care of emptying regularly the fat of cooking to avoid that it burns .Lorsque the fat is totally (or almost) fondue to turn(return) the steaklet of duck and to cook 2 in 3 minutes esteemed flesh. The steaklet of duck is eatable bleeding.

Cut in slices and garnish on a dish. One can accompany it of potatoescut in slices and get pissed in the fat of duck which one reserved on the side.

Serve with Madiran or one Côtes de St Mont .


The MADIRAN and the PACHERENC of the VIC-BILH are produced on a soil of hillsides on horseback on the 3 departments that are Atlantic Pyrenees ( 64 ) the GERS ( 32 ) and Hautes-Pyrenees ( 65 )

The vine king of the MADIRAN is the tannât (40 in 60 % of the encépagement). It is on the base of the originality of this wine of soil rich in tannin and gives him the skeleton of nurse's vintage wine. The Cabernet - franc or sauvignon, brings all the curvature and the additional aromas in mouth.

Improved by the Benedictines the MADIRAN is AOC since 1948.

Madiran red wine
Madiran accompanies very well thanks to its tannins, its skeleton, red meats and game. He gets married marvelously to the regional dishes, such as candied, duck breast, palombe " in the drop of blood "... To serve it brought to room temperature.


Pacherenc is a white wine " sweet as a flower " .his main vine is Arrufiac assembled with the other vines such as the big or small Manseng, the corbu.... The very former(ancient) original name of the naming Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh comes from the Gascon " Bi de Bits Pacherads " or " Wine of vineyard in beanpole " of the region of " Vic-Bilh " or " Old country " .Produite on the same area as Madiran, this naming produces dry, soft, even syrupy white wines ( late grape harvests).

Little known this soft white wine is remarkable by its aromatic wealth, fine, honey, fruits, its dress is golden intense. In your cellar it will be always present to treat your friends. The temperature of tasting of this Pacherenc is 6 ° and 7 °. Ideal companion for your foie gras, and your aperitifs.

When one arrives on Rabastens one appreciates the vault and the shade that plane trees lining the road get majestic. Now these plane trees have already made flow a lot of ink in it ."One" of the local and national newspapers. If the history does not well end for trees brought down by the " commando group anti-plane trees ", it seems that it will end better for those brought down by the DDE on the RN21. (Please , click to have the info. of "Depeche du Midi".)

plane trees




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