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The Equestrian Farm of the Valley of Adour

Organize stays, trainings, horse shows, drives(rides)..

T.:(33) 05 62 96 59 44 b.dutoit@sudfr.com

" The Marked out Paths:

on the whole 210 kilometres on 8 varied circuits were conceived to offer to each the type of wished route(course). That it is in plain or in hillsides, the difficulties are accessible to all, the amateurs or the experienced. The beaconing was realized corresponding to the compulsory standards. Common parts allow a possible mixture of route to shorten or extend the distances. Then.... On the way! To live true feelings on our .Vous paths will discover a peaceful landscape, magnificent sites with in bottom the beautiful chain of Pyrenees "

The tourist information office 05 62 96 65 67

Marguerite Lacoste music school:

Régularly the pupils presented by the emeritus professor of piano whom is Madam Odette Garcia-Tremblé distinguish themselves in the various regional and national competitions of piano.


Sports associations: Cyclo-club, gym, Handball, fight , pétanque....


  Judo Club du Val D'Adour


Leisure centre " Le Mikado ":

The center is organized during the school holidays of Carnival, Easter and summer. It is opened to from 4 to 12 years old children.