" By arriving from the North or from the sleeping or of noon, when it is calmed either spread, the city has a matchless charm... The heights of hillsides, brightened up or not, frame it as if it was about a true picture, neither too vast, nor languishing... Nothing escapes, in the glance, from what is characteristic: neither the streets wide and crossing itself in right angle, as pulled in the fuse, or the foliage which underline the white facades, or this airy place and friendly fitted out by the centre. It deludes, my city, between the reflections of a quite blue sky and the colours sometimes soft, sometimes purple or the wildcats of the crests of surrounding.... That it is in the vibrating evening air, or in the light mist of the dawn, tinged with pink above brooks, Rabastens is indeed " my city " and a beautiful city in the smile which pleases! " Didier France











Rabastens seen by crest


Placeof the seat


Church St Louis




Bell towers







Street St Michel


Spanish balcony















Under the hall






Brooms of witches


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Rabastenais, Rabastenaise


" Arrabassès ", farmers of turnips, according to the weapons of his founder ( 3 turnips)

" Maquignous ", horse dealers of the business of the cattle


From 1990 till 1999, the population is crossed of 1284 to 1357 Inhabitants is an increase of 6 % while at the level of the canton one registers(records) a decrease of 1,57 %. On the department of High Pyrenees the decline is more significant because it is 3000 inhabitants or - 2,50 %. The strongest fall are registered in the main cities: Tarbes, Bagnères de Bigorre and especially Heavy with - 7,8 % and Lannemezan with - 8,5 %.

Rabastens is in the 20-th place of the 474 municipalities of the department in population.

What educations to pull of this result?

The search for peace of mind for the families which settle down, the charm of a village centres which gets equipments, businesses, schools and indispensable services for the life of every day.


The church built in 1340

The big central hall 1898

The ancient(former) hall in the cattle 1890

The fountain on monumental 1911

The hall places of the seat 1954

Former(ancient) three laundries

Former(ancient) three mills


Municipal campsite 2 stars

Rural shelters


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